MVP / Startup / Idea

Do you have an idea for a Web or Mobile app product? Turn it into reality. We Design, Develop & Maintain all IT aspects of your MVP platform so you have more time to focus on your customers.

Web / Cloud Applications

Bespoke Dashboards, Management Systems, Online platforms, Excel-to-web solutions and much more.

Mobile Applications

Standalone and companion mobile (phone and tablet) apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

UX/UI Design

Our team of UX and UI experts will take you through the journey of designing an awesome experience for your users.


We can turn your Excel tool into a web product, making it easier for the users of your product to collaborate and share information.

IoT / Connected Devices

We develop software solutions for all screens and devices such as Digital advertising screens, Smart TVs, Smart Watches, Game consoles.

Support & Aftercare

Our work is not finished at the end of the development cycle. We will provide you with support throughout the life-cycle of your product, and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Dynoden Products

Coming soon
Learning Management, Secure e-Document Storage, Stock control, Rota management

Looking to digitise your business process or have the idea for the next big thing?

We can help! We would love to hear from you, get in touch with us today.


Based in London, U.K., we create amazing bespoke software applications and mobile apps for our clients, bringing value and innovating at every opportunity to bring the best experience to the end user.

Whether you are looking to create a product from an idea you have, want to implement a new digital strategy or explore unknown territories we are the people to get in touch with.

We work extremely close with our clients and love taking them on a journey to deliver the best quality product leaving them feeling confident in their next steps.


At dynoden we run an Agile development process, ensuring that we provide quick delivery, and are flexible when responding to change

1Explore & discover

Our team take time to understand your core product need, tapping into your expertise to ensure the product vision is confirmed. This involves diving into the root of the product and how you decided a digital solution was needed.


Beginning with a designer led workshop and whilst considering both target audience and end goal of the product, this is the time to try out different styles to ensure an enjoyable product is experienced by all users.

3Design & create

Beginning with a workshop lead by an expert designer, our process involves mood boards, art direction and trying out different styles to ensure an enjoyable product is experienced by all users. The product look and feel is explored and the full design of the product is created.

4Develop & iterate

With the product definition clear and the design accomplished, the development team begin their work. Running an Agile process means that you receive regular product demonstrations, can provide feedback and see updates throughout the cycle.


On product completion we carry out full system tests internally and work with you to implement further tests such as pilot groups. Any defects raised at this point are continually fixed and new demos distributed.

6Training & integration (enterprise)

The product is ready, you’ve told lots of people about it and they want to get their hands on it! We can assist with training and integration by running workshops to provide a smooth digital transition for you.


Caring for your product, defects raised when the product is launched are quickly resolved with our Aftercare service. It enables us to keep an eye on your product status and keep a dedicated person on hand.

8New ideas

As with any successful digital product, people want more! We provide help analysing engagement and user feedback in order to make informed decisions on new features or upgrades to your product.




Our process is strong, people are strong and our products even stronger, promoting product clarity, confidence and success.


With a wealth of technical, creative and analytical minds, we ensure tactics, planning and organisation are an integral part of our process.


In this digital world, technology moves fast, and we are always on its edge, so come and work with our dynamic team.


Our vision is to ‘accelerate the digitisation of your business’ - we understand how important a vision is to any business.


As a group, morals are a key player for success and decision making and at all times are demonstrated by our team.


Being a sociable bunch, relationships and integrity are everything to us and we love to keep in touch with people we meet and work with.